School Expenses

Student Expenses for the AMH Dixon School of Nursing 2016-17 Academic Year

Institutional Fees Class of 2017

Third Year Nursing: $1165

  • Technology Fee: $590
  • Graduation Fee: $230
  • Classroom Materials: $200
  • SNAP Fee: $45
  • Library  & Support Services: $50
  • Document Processing: $50

Student Institutional fees divided over 1st and 3rd terms.

  • Term 1: $4235 Tuition and Fees Due
  • Term 2: $3600 Tuition and Fees Due
  • Term 3: $5330 Tuition and Fees Due


Additional Expenses

These out-of-pocket expenses are each student’s responsibility. These expenses are NOT INCLUDED in your Institutional fee totals.  Students will receive the required textbook information from the Course Coordinator.


Amount: Estimated- $250 – $350 Third Year nursing


Book list will be posted by Course Coordinator Course Syllabus includes book list. Books are to be purchased prior to 1st day of class. Enrolled students will be notified by faculty of required textbooks. Students SHOULD NOT purchase textbooks until advised to do so by Course Coordinator.

Amount: Estimated – $150 – $200

Wi-Fi Enabled Device

Amount: Estimated – $80 – $500


American Heart Association Basic Life Support Healthcare Provider Course

Amount: Estimated – $75; Plus face mask $15

Key Dates: Third Year nursing students must have a current card.

Comments: Certified for two years


Parking Violation

Amount: $50

(Parking information discussed at Orientation and listed in Steeple.)

Assessed on Student Invoice/Bill

Non Compliance Fees

Amount: $50

Billed on Student Invoice

Late Payment Fee/Bad Check Fee

Late Fee for Post Enrollment Delinquent document submission.

Amount: $50

Clinical Make up and Exam Make up

Amount: $100

Per Policy and listed in Steeple.

Assessed on Student Invoice/Bill