Nursing Initiative Award

Tuition Assistance is a benefit provided by many area employers, including Abington – Jefferson Health, to help their employees cover the costs associated with attending college or other professional training programs.

Under the rules of Abington – Jefferson Health’s Nursing Initiative Award Program, certain DSON graduates who are hired at Abington – Jefferson Health in qualified positions may be entitled to receive monetary awards. The dollar amount of any award will be equal to the total Dixon School of Nursing tuition paid less any grants, scholarships, employer tuition assistance and other financial aid of any kind received by the DSON graduate.

So that we may properly calculate your Nursing Initiative Award upon enrollment in the program, please provide the following information regarding any tuition assistance or other types of financial aid received from your employer during your time of attendance at the DSON.

Please complete the form and submit via e-mail within 30 days of being hired at Abington – Jefferson Health.



  • Download the form using the link above.
  • Type right in the PDF, you can save changes.
  • Use the digital signature tool in the form to sign it.
  • E-mail the signed form to the address provided on the form.