General Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the school accredited?

Yes. Click here to view accreditation information.

Where is the school located?

The school is located on the Abington Health Willow Grove Campus (formerly Schilling) in Willow Grove, 4 miles north of the hospital’s main campus.

Abington Memorial Hospital Dixon School of Nursing
2500 Maryland Road
Suite 200
Willow Grove, PA 19090

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What is the student to faculty ratio?

Approximately 11 to 1. For clinical rotations, the ratio is one Instructor to 7-8 students.

Does the school grant a degree?

All students currently graduate with a diploma in nursing. The college course work completed in combination with the nursing curriculum can be applied towards a college degree for completion of a Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BS or BSN).

How many college credits are earned at the school?

Since the Abington Memorial Hospital Dixon School of Nursing is not a college, we are not able to grant college credit for the nursing courses. Most schools will give college credit for our nursing curriculum. Our experience has been that the Abington Memorial Hospital Dixon School of Nursing course work does not need to be repeated or tested, but is granted college credits at the discretion of the college.

Are there residence or dormitory facilities offered?

Abington Memorial Hospital Dixon School of Nursing is a commuter school currently. Limited public transportation is available. All students need to remember that transportation to and from clinical experiences remains the student’s responsibility.

What is the school’s success rate on boards?

Pass rates are public information and may be viewed on the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing website.

How do I locate transcripts (high school, business school or certificate programs) when my School is closed in Pennsylvania?

All schools should have notified the PA Department of Education of a closure and where the records will be stored. A list of addresses for schools that are no longer in operation  is maintained  at the PA Department of Education website. See the attached PDF for details on where and how to begin your search.