A Message to those interested in a nursing education

As you may know, Abington and Jefferson combined organizations in May, and we are in the process of evaluating and integrating a number of our institutions’ educational programs to better address the evolving needs of the community and the growing demand for BSN-prepared nurses.

After a very extensive evaluation process led by a committee including nursing leaders from both Abington and Jefferson, a decision has been made to close our diploma program following our current students’ graduation in fall 2017.

The Jefferson College of Nursing will submit an application to the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing to establish the following BSN programs at the Abington-Dixon campus in Willow Grove: day program, evening/weekend program, and accelerated program for those with a bachelor’s degree in another field.

While decisions such as this are never easy, Jefferson is academically committed to meeting the growing demand for BSN-prepared nurses. In fact, many hospitals are moving to an all-BSN model because of the increased focus on chronic and preventive care under the Affordable Care Act. And, for acute-care hospitals that are seeking or maintaining Magnet status, BSN-prepared nurses are essential. Magnet requires that institutions define a goal to achieve 80 percent BSN-prepared nurses within the organization by 2020.

By providing the Jefferson College of Nursing’s BSN program at two locations, we will be able to accommodate a larger pool of students looking to earn their BSNs, especially those students in the northern suburbs of Philadelphia. The projected date to admit the first class of BSN students at the transformed Abington-Dixon campus is fall of 2017. More information will be posted on our website, as well as the Jefferson College of Nursing website, in the near future.

Thank you for your interest in the Dixon program and please explore the possibility of attending the Jefferson College of Nursing’s BSN program. One-on-one meetings with the Jefferson College of Nursing staff can be requested by calling 215-503-8057 or emailing