School Philosophy

Abington Memorial Hospital Dixon School of Nursing subscribes to the mission and philosophy of AbingtonĀ Health and the Department of Nursing to assure that comprehensive healthcare is provided to patients/families and that the healthcare needs of the community are met.

Nursing is a dynamic process of caring based on a theory-guided, evidence-based body of knowledge and established standards of professional practice. The primary goals of nursing are to promote health and healing and to reduce the burden of suffering from illness by practicing as an essential member of the inter-professional healthcare team and fostering respect for and by all. The focus of nursing practice is based on the patient/family’s level of functioning, preferences, values and needs related to their diverse physiological, psychological, socio-cultural, developmental and spiritual dimensions.

The professional nurse is an ethical decision-maker who effectively interacts with and provides safe, effective, patient-centered nursing care to individuals, families and communities in a variety of settings. The nurse will influence the behaviors of individuals or groups to facilitate the achievement of shared goals. The nurse is dedicated to mitigating risk of harm or error to patients and providers. This is accomplished through competent individual performance, system effectiveness as evidenced by continual quality improvement processes, and commitment to information literacy and technologies.

Education is a life-long process that enhances the personal, social and intellectual development of an individual and fosters the development of critical thinking so that the individuals can creatively respond to life situations. Learning is the process by which individuals acquire knowledge and skills through the domains of cognitive knowledge, psychomotor skills and affective caring components. The adult learner is an active participant in the educational process. The learning environment provides guided experiences and opportunities to stimulate and empower students to become self-directed and to attain program outcomes.

The Faculty assumes responsibility for designing and implementing curricula that are reflective of contemporary educational theories, healthcare trends, and best practice standards. The student shares responsibility for planning and evaluating her/his education. The educational program is committed to ensuring that students receive the necessary opportunities to enable them to be responsive to health disparities, the needs of a culturally diverse community, and evolving local, regional, and global healthcare challenges.

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