Student Support Services

Advisement and Counseling Program

Orientation Program

Prior to the commencement of classes, an orientation program is offered prior to the beginning of classes to welcome  students to the Abington Memorial Hospital Dixon School of Nursing and to familiarize them with the program of study and resources available to them. An orientation program is offered to rising seniors prior to the beginning of their senior year to update them on program changes, expectations, and requirements.

Faculty Advisors

Each student is assigned a faculty advisor by the Advisement, Counseling and Collaboration Committee. Advisors are faculty members who help students with personal, academic, and professional growth issues and concerns. They are resources for information on the program of study, as well as Abington Memorial Hospital Dixon School of Nursing policies, procedures, and resources. Students are expected to contact their faculty advisor at least once each term. The Advisor/Advisee roster is posted on the Student Service Bulletin Board.


Class Advisors

The Director of Nursing Education/Chair of the Abington Memorial Hospital Dixon School of Nursing appoints two Class Advisors per class. The Class Advisors are assigned to each Class until the Class graduates. There must be at least one Class Advisor in attendance at each Class meeting. If the Class Advisor is unable to attend a Class meeting, an alternate faculty member should be designated and the Class Vice President should be notified in advance. It is the responsibility of Class Advisors and their Class to review the Student Handbook (the Steeple) annually each spring and present recommendations for revisions to the Advisement, Counseling, and Collaboration Committee for their annual review. The current Class Advisors will meet with the new Class Presidents and Student Representative to review their responsibilities and class functions.

Peers Available to Help (PATH) Program for Students

Each year, incoming students at orientation will be introduced to the student peer support program. A group of senior nursing student volunteers will coach incoming intermediate students through the academic year. This program is conducted under the guidance of the School’s Advisement, Counseling and Collaboration Committee. The purpose is to orient and familiarize incoming students to the Abington Memorial Hospital Dixon School of Nursing environment and organization. In addition, PATH serves as a mentor to new students. The PATH system promotes working relationships among students in the program.


The Faculty of the Dixon School of Nursing are committed to the students’ success. The Learning Resource Faculty provide tutoring and remediation along with Course Instructors as requested by the student. Each Faculty member has scheduled office hours and students are encouraged to contact the faculty by email to arrange a meeting. In addition, at the beginning of Term 1, students will have access to the resources at Penn State Abington including library, gym, and tutoring center. The Continuing Education Center at Penn State Abington facilitates the tutoring sessions and will communicate all resources available to the students.

Employee Health Services- for Students

The Employee Health Services (EHS) program is designed to help students maintain optimal health and wellness. The program is directed by the Employee Health Services. Students are responsible for obtaining and maintaining personal medical insurance and for meeting personal medical costs should they occur.


Carebridge Employee Assistance Program

The Carebridge Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential, professional counseling and referral service available to employees and students who need help with personal problems and concerns. Students may access Carebridge 7/24/365 by calling 1-800-437-0911. Access Website:


Career Counseling/Job Placement

Students are offered guidance related to career opportunities in nursing and the skills necessary for resume writing and interviewing. Career counseling is provided by the Advisement, Counseling and Collaboration Committee and by Faculty.Representatives from the Abington Health Human Resources may visit the Abington Memorial Hospital Dixon School of Nursing to discuss employment opportunities.


Social Activities

Social activities are planned through the year and may include luncheons, parties, and picnics. Shopping malls/centers and restaurants are located near the Abington Memorial Hospital Dixon School of Nursing. Center-City Philadelphia provides the finest in arts and entertainment. Only short distances away are areas rich in historic heritage, such as Valley Forge and Washington’s Crossing. New York City, the New Jersey Seashore, and the Pocono Mountains are within a day’s drive. To learn more visit the Our Area section.



Student Employment

Opportunities for student employment are often available in the hospital and community settings.

Employment Following Graduation

Abington Memorial Hospital Dixon School of Nursing graduates have found employment in the profession of nursing. This has been shown by the follow-up surveys of our graduates and their employers.